Autism Society of WNY Workshops

“This year’s workshop is “Lessons from the Neurodiverse.  Helping Individuals with Autism Help Themselves”  with Dr. Laurence I Sugarman MD, FAAP ABMH on October Saturday Oct 14, 2017  8:45 am – 12:45 pm at Classics V Conference Center in Amherst.   More details below.

Recent discoveries about the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and early brain development provide compelling clues about why individuals with ASD use repetitive and/or restrictive behaviors as calming and coping mechanisms.   Individuals with ASD have a compromised autonomic nervous system which results in communication, social skill and behavioral  issues and a heightened “fight or flight” response . During this interactive half-day workshop, participants will learn to view individuals with ASD differently and develop new insights into how to help these individuals help themselves.
Breathing techniques, relaxation and meditative exercises, autonomic biofeedback (through computer games and apps)  and even hypnosis can help individuals with ASD self-regulate stress, emotions and behavior . Those who live and work with individuals on the spectrum, can teach and model these skills.  Those affected with ASD can learn to turn down the inner turmoil and respond with increased focus, less anxiety and rigidity, increased social skills , a better self concept and greater confidence.
Dr. Sugarman teaches internationally on therapeutic self-regulation strategies, helped to develop computer based games and apps to develop self regulation in individuals with ASD and has been involved in research on developing self regulation skills for college aged students with aspergers and  for parents who have children with ASD.”

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