Hallwalls Members’ Show Offers a Bit of Everything

Other excellent work by several artists from Autism Services, Inc., for some reason identified by just their first name and last initial. Such as Dan C.’s enigmatic minimalist drawing and painting—a little in the Tom Toles graphic style—called Rick Azar Will Punch You in the Stomach. Another pugilistics theme piece, by Bill E., showing two slightly dazed-looking not particularly athletic types—one a little flabby in the midsection—shirtless but with boxing gloves, about to duke it out apparently in the candidate debates. (Republicans they look like.) Textual notations here and there about the work announce variously “The Thrilla in Vanilla” and “This time it’s Presidential.” The headline above the main image block says “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and the Founding Fathers Press.” Several other notable works from the Autism Services artists. One by Jim B. consists of the single word “Boogers” in purple caps on a basically dark green background. (As James Joyce described the “snot-green sea.”)


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