Real People for Real People

McNulty's Spotlight on Health

Even in today’s here today, gone tomorrow world it is rare to find senior level executives surviving more than the pension star on their personal calendars. The changes in loyalty have been two-sided. Employees don’t trust the company to be loyal to them and the company is pressured from some source to produce immediate results. That’s what makes Rhonda Frederick so special. She’s in a field where loyalty and trust must be two-sided to cultivate meaningful change. Rhonda is the newly appointed President and CEO of People, Inc. in Buffalo, New York. She has 35 years with the organization. She is one of the real people.

Recently, Rhonda appeared on my show, Spotlight on Health on MIX 96. Rhonda has been on the show before and it was usually at her request to pitch community awareness on something that was not in the best interest for her people – the…

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