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How Can Aspire Help Me Or My Loved One Learn The Vocational Skills Needed To Be Successful In Finding A Job?

ADAPT – Adult Development And Professional Training

Aspire’s pre-vocational services includes an individualized learning plan to develop the skills needed to be successful in a chosen field of employment.

Highlights of the ADAPT program include:

A person-centered vocational profile and plan, collaboratively developed and updated every six months.

Personalized options for the development of work skills.

Technology and computer-based learning opportunities

Job exploration via internships, community activities, and volunteer opportunities.

Participation in small group/classroom learning settings.

Up to three years of enrollment eligibility.

M.O.V.E. – Making Opportunities Via Vocational Experience

This pathway to employment combines a part-time classroom environment with internships or community opportunities to facilitate the learning and practice of desired work skills.

Internships are developed around the individual’s desired goals.

Aspire Employment Specialist provides hands-on assistance in work or community settings.

Program is set up to emulate real world work environment.

Up to one year of enrollment eligibility

via Employment, Day and Transition Services | Aspire of WNY.

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