A cross-country voyage shows developmental disability doesn’t hold you back | WBFO

People Inc. has embarked on a new journey that works to improve the lives of the developmentally disabled. That journey began on Saturday, when four men left their homes to begin a 6,000 mile adventure across the nation.

All four travelers are developmentally disabled and embarked on the voyage in an effort to learn skills that many people accept as regular activities. Nick Cacciotti, a Life Quality Coach with People, Inc., says that some of these men have never experienced the most basic facets of everyday life.

Listen Listening…0:15 People Inc. Life Quality Coach Nick Cacciotti

“One of the guys never had a debit card and cell phone, never had the encouragement to do it before,” said Cacciotti. “It’s to kind of teach basic skills that we all take for granted. The best way to do it, I feel, is have it be a natural situation like this – a bunch of guys going on a cross-country trip.”

The men range in age from 22 to 34 and will have two life coaches along for the 6,000 mile trek. Cacciotti says there is a negative stereotype that often accompanies developmental disabilities. The group is trying to break that notion and show that obstacles should not stand in the way of reaching a goal.

The Guys Group receives a cheerful send-off at People Inc. headquarters.


“We’re going to different agencies like People Incorporated across the country, and we’re trying to raise awareness and show people that people with developmental disabilities can do anything,” said Cacciotti.

A documentary of the trip is being filmed, and Cacciotti says when the group returns there will be screenings and possibly a DVD release. With it, People Inc. hopes to “show the world that just because someone has a developmental disability doesn’t mean they can’t contribute in every way possible.”

Anyone can follow the People Inc. Guys Group in their trek across the nation by visiting the Crossing Borders WNY Facebook page, and using the hash-tag #GuysGroupUSA.

via A cross-country voyage shows developmental disability doesn’t hold you back | WBFO.

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