RIT Students Help People at Arc of Monroe County Swing for the First Time

BRIGHTON, N.Y. — For some adults at the Arc of Monroe County, Tuesday was their first time on a swing.

The device was specially designed by engineering students in the senior design program at RIT.  The Arc has had a long standing relationship with RIT and this project help bring smiles to a lot of faces.

“People with developmental disabilities like to try new things. They really enjoy seeing the world in different ways and indeed, today allowed them to be able to swing, it allowed them to do something you and I do just naturally so for them to be able to have that, it’s just an awesome thing,” said Barbara Wale, Arc President and CEO.

The idea for the swing came from the Arc of Monroe. It was then given to four students, who turned that idea into something special.

“It kind of made everything come full circle.  It makes me very happy that I chose the career that I chose and it reaffirms that I can do something good with my degree,” said Maggie Bates, RIT Engineering Student. “If we all work together and keep our passion alive, we can do a lot of great things.”

The swing was nearly a year in the works.  It debuted a couple of weeks ago at Imagine RIT.

“You don’t get to see the benefits of it until you see somebody on it who’s bound to a wheelchair and really doesn’t get to do much.  Then they hop on the swing and they’re beaming,” said Sean Kennelly, RIT Engineering Student. “It was enjoyable.”

Those riding the swing have disabilities that prevent them from speaking.  However, the expressions on their faces was an indication that this was a special moment.

via RIT Students Help People at Arc of Monroe County Swing for the First Time.

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