Minecraft announces 2015 sessions | Ontario ARC

The Autism Center is excited to announce the 2015 session schedule for the popular Minecraft group!

The popular electronic game joins The Autism Center’s growing menu of innovative programs available for the community. Each player will become an admin in this electronic world and will learn the rules of social etiquette, communication and responsibility. Players will work together to gather food for the community, build stores to supply necessary items, build parks and engineer new cities. The group will utilize Minecraft Edu, a version of the original game designed by teachers for use in classroom and group settings. Ages 8 & up are welcome to register.

Each 8-week session is held at Ontario ARC’s Main Facility at 3071 County Complex Drive in Canandaigua, NY. The cost for each 8-week session is $80. Registration for the upcoming sessions is now open. To register for an upcoming session, please contact Diane Van Derwater at (585) 919-2148 or dvanderwater@ontarioarc.org.


– June 8-July 27

– August 10-September 28

– October 12-December 7*


– June 10-July 29

– August 12-September 30

– October 14-December 9*

*There will not be class the week of November 23-27, 2015

via Minecraft announces 2015 sessions | Ontario ARC.

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