:: Doug Flutie: Raising Awareness for Autism

Doug Flutie played in the NFL for 13 years as a quarterback with several teams including the Chicago Bears, Buffalo Bills, San Diego Chargers and New England Patriots. When his only son was diagnosed with autism at the age of three, Doug knew he had to step into the limelight to bring awareness to this neurological disorder.

In 1998, Doug and his wife established the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism in response to their personal experience raising a son, Doug, Jr. on the autism spectrum.

The goal of the Flutie Foundation is to help families affected by autism live life to the fullest. Through our programs and partnerships, we help people with autism get access to care; lead more active lifestyles; and grow toward adult independence.

Doug and Laurie first began raising funds for autism in 1998 through a donor advised fund, under the management of the Giving Back Fund. In 2000, they established the Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism, Inc. as an independent foundation to continue this work. Since 1998, the Fluties have helped raise close to 17 million dollars for autism through corporate and individual donations, fundraisers, endorsement promotions featuring Doug and Doug Jr. as well as sales of Flutie Flakes and other related items.

The Foundation awards grants on an annual basis to nonprofit organizations that provide direct services, family support grants, education, advocacy and recreational opportunities for individuals with autism. To date, the Fluties have distributed over $9 million for grants and programs in New England, New York, New Jersey, southern California, at the national level, and in Canada. The Foundation also provides family grants through their Joey’s Fund program and iPad technology grants through our Allison Keller iPad Program. *

VOTE ONLINE: This year, Doug was nominated for this year’s Humanitarian of the Year award. He could win up to $100,000 worth of services for this foundation! You can vote for him online here. And interact directly with him by using the hashtag: #AllStarsGiv_Flutie once you’ve voted.

All Sports United created the Humanitarian Award to recognize the efforts of professional athletes as philanthropists. Our goal is to bring more positive news to the world at the intersection of sports and philanthropy and to highlight the amazing work of so many.

Join us in celebrating the work of these champions. Each candidate was nominated by their fans. By going here, you can vote and help choose our ten All Stars of Giving this year and then our finalist – the Humanitarian of the Year for 2015. The Humanitarian of the Year will win almost $100,000 worth of services from our generous sponsors shown below for his/her favourite charity.

*Sources: https://givkwik.com/campaigns/asu-2015/


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