Museum of DisaABILITY History readies new exhibit

BUFFALO, N.Y.- The Museum of DisABILITY history is getting ready to open up a new exhibit showing the lives patients left behind before heading to an old state hospital in the finger lakes.

The exhibit, called ‘The Lives they Left Behind”, features suitcases and other belongings that were found in the attic of the Willard Psychiatric center, which closed back in 1995.

The suitcases went untouched for decades, and tell the stories of the lives people had before heading to the hospital.

‘What their dreams were, what their aspirations were, what was important to them before they went to live in the psychiatric center where they spent most of their days,” Doug Farley, the director of the Museum of DisABILITY History said.

“A lot of times the rest of their life was spent there. You have pictures, momentous, books that they were reading. Their own personal possessions, they would have taken in with them but for the most part put in the closet and ignored.”

The exhibit, which opens Friday and runs until April 11, is meant to bring awareness to the treatment of those with mental illness.

via Museum of DisaABILITY History readies new exhibit.

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