Buffalo: Kim Moore ’06 & Southeast Works Performing Arts Ensemble – Best Events

March 03, 2015 at Villa Maria College in Buffalo, NY.Kim Moore ’06 brings her ensemble from Southeast Works for a campus hour performance on Tuesday, March 3. Southeast Works is a center that provides a variety of services and programs to adults with developmental disabilities, where she works, providing individuals with guidance and instruction on daily living skills, such as helping them read, and make decisions regarding their duties and goals.“I already had a strong music background with my education from Villa,” she said. “I also had years of experience in the field through playing and performing in various bands, working at a music store, and teaching private guitar lessons. Very early on in my time of working for Southeast Works I began to apply my knowledge of music to my work.”Scheduling times for participants to make music every day, Moore would work with them by singing songs, playing chimes in a group setting, giving guitar lessons, playing in jam bands, giving keyboard lessons, choreographing dance, and doing drum circles.Results of incorporating music into the day were immediate: improving on moods, giving a sense of pride, teaching teamwork, helping individuals to pay attention, teaching individuals how to count, and the music they create helps them to express their feelings in a productive and positive way.

via Buffalo: Kim Moore ’06 & Southeast Works Performing Arts Ensemble – Best Events.

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